Unofficial Mother 4 is in the Works

mother 4

A group of fans are doing an unofficial Mother game.

Entitled Mother 4, it will have a Mother-ish feel to it and will launch on PCs and Macs later this year.

mother 4 - 2

Yups this is gray area. Actually, I would love it if they just say that this is “inspired” by the Mother series and probably release it under a different title. Still, I would love to play this at some point. :)

final fantasy xv road trip mario kart 8 luigi death stare

Japan (and the World) Reacts to Final Fantasy XV Road Trip

The new Final Fantasy XV trailer is just spectacular. After that epic road trip and a preview of the battle system, the trailer shows Noctis looking at the moon, with the familiar Final Fantasy theme playing in the background and then saying “It’s been a long time coming”.

But let us go back to the road trip. Looks like it was so popular, that our friends from Japan and the rest of the world are photoshopping the FF XV boys in the car and then altering the imagery. The results are hilarious!


final fantasy xv road trip parody photoshop - 2

final fantasy xv road trip parody photoshop - 3

final fantasy xv road trip parody photoshop - 4

final fantasy xv road trip parody photoshop - 5

More Final Fantasy XV road trip memes after the break!
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[TGS Trailers] Dragon Quest Heroes


One of the trailers that came out at this year’s Tokyo Game Show was this one from Dragon Quest Heroes:

So it wasn’t really a trailer, but rather a gameplay video being streamed during the show. As you can see, the enemies that you will hack and slash are your standard Dragon Quest enemies, and that’s a good thing!

Dragon Quest Heroes will come to Japan’s PS3 and PS4 next year.

Shinra is now a Real Company


During the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix announces Shinra Technologies, a new company that is all about cloud gaming.

Shinra Technologies = Cloud Gaming.

Well played, Square Enix!

Similar to Onlive, thisĀ  new company will fully explore cloud gaming in a way that has never been done. At least that’s what Square is saying in their press release. This new company, headed by former Square Enix president, will collaborate with other studios to deliver games on demand. One such studio is Ubisoft.

Shinra will start beta testing its service next year. Since its headquarters will be in New York, it’s possible the service will launch in a language that most of us can understand. :)

Zodiac is a New JRPG from the writer of Final Fantasy VII


Two guys who previously worked on separate Final Fantasy games team up together with a European studio to create Zodiac, a JRPG for the PS Vita and smartphones.

The theme of the game revolves around d the 11 Zodiac signs.
In-game classes will also be about it, but will be enhanced by natural elements (fire, water, wind, and earth).

No extensive details were mentioned. However, IGN got a preview on the game’s battle system. As you have guessed, it will be turn-based! Exploration is 2D like that in Child of Light. It expected to be released next year.

More Tokyo Game Show coverage only here on the Sun Rising blog!

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