Bleach 635 [Manga Impressions]

I really find looking at Ywach really unsettling these days.

bleach 635 - 1

This week’s Bleach is all about plot-building again. Bazz B got killed earlier so it’s now time to push for the other stories.

  1. Askin and Grimmjow
  2. Lille vs Hisagi’s group
  3. Kenpachi, Mayuri and Nemu vs Pernida

Ichigo’s group however will be on a break as they try to look for Grimmjow. Wow.


While Ywach’s goes to sleep, he transfers his powers to Haschwalth (and it seems Haschwalth saw something in the future. This of course is Ywach’s “Almight”, his power to see the future). This means all the other fronts will rest for now and will focus on any of the three I mentioned.

kenpachi mayuri

I personally am looking forward to Kenpachi and Mayuri vs Pernida. Pernida seemed like an oddball. He(?) had some nice moments, like at that time when the beautiful Senjumaru and the royal 4 got defeated by his group. I hate Pernida, you should know. And I think it is high time for him to get killed. He doesn’t have any backstory whatsoever. I don’t think there should be. If anyone else, the battle should make Mayuri and Kenpachi shine. Kenpachi is the personification of brute force while Mayuri is that of supreme intelligence. Something will happen, I’m sure of it that should make these 2 captains shine.

After all, this chapter’s title, “Hooded Enigma” is likely a reference to him.

kenpachi mayuri - 2

I just hope author-san will not mess this up.

And oh, did Hisagi just got killed?

Assassination Classroom 148 [Manga Impressions] | Karma’s Methods

akabane karma scary

In this week’s Assassination Classroom, Nagisa and Karma started their one on one which will determine the fate of Korosensei’s life.

Read here

Assassination Classroom 148 - nagisa and karma

There’s too much action on this chapter and not much on strategy (and only 1 panel of reminiscing). In Assassination Classroom 148, action starts with the brawl between Nagisa and Karma. On the start they seem to toe to toe, but the close combat soon proves to be beneficial for Karma. Karma has the strength that Nagisa doesn’t have.

akabane karma headbutt

We’ve seen Akabane Karma brutally giving his all to defeat Nagisa. At one point Nagisa loses his knife, but he has another one. Towards the middle of the chapter Karma, too, loses his knife but is still at the advantage. Finally, when he was about to deliver the final blow, Nagisa uses his trump card.

The clap.

Assassination Classroom 148 - 3

The fucking clap.

For those who don’t know, this particularly very loud clap is Nagisa’s tactic to confuse his opponents. Since Nagisa has always been the thin frail boy, his opponents naturally go easy on him. When he is about to be hit, Nagisa will make a thunderous loud clap, which momentarily confuses his opponents and then go for the gold.

Assassination Classroom 148 - 4

In this chapter however, Karma finds a way to neutralize the clap’s effect by biting (and bleeding his tongue). Nagisa goe’s into snake mode, and we are all left hanging to find out the rest on the next chapter.

Reaction Time!!!

akabane karma wtf face

This is another Karma-centric chapter, which has span for about 5 chapters now starting from when he took over the Red Team’s leadership.

More than that, it seems Karma is displaying that anime trait called Yandere. Of course he has displayed that characteristic for so long now, but him brutally attacking Nagisa in this chapter proves it more.

akabane karma shiota nagisa

Also, why are they punching each other’s faces, I thought they have those PE suits?

I’ve been reading the fandom’s reaction on Tumblr and it seems so many are hating Karma at this point. I myself think that I am trying to downplay the things he’s doing right now while writing this.

Assassination Classroom 148 - 2

But then again, they are in a war. Okay, not exactly a war, but that was how it was set up. Karma and Nagisa has always been on the opposite of the spectrum – from their assassination methods to their sense of justice. I know there might be other ways to settle their problems, but this “war” has more on stake other than the life of Korosensei. This one on one between Nagisa and Karma, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A sneak peak on Bishamon and Yato in Noragami Season 2 Trailer

The first anime season of Noragami is special, for the simple reason that we all thought there would never be a second season. That the adventures of the god Yato ended abruptly was a huge shame, since there was a lot of “plot-building” in those first 12 episodes.

But alas, Noragami will come back for a second season:

As mentioned earlier, part of the 2nd season is the story of Bishamon, that goddess with a ridiculous number of regalia. And lo behold, she was that person in the opening sequence, right? It coincides with what was mentioned in the past, that Bishmaon’s hatred for Yato is the fact that he killed one of his regalia.

For other details, it seems the entire production staff from the first season will be back on this one. Yes, even the seiyuus, including Maaya Uchida (gasp!), Jun Fukuyama (as Kazuma, he was also Korosensei in Assassination Classroom), and Rie Kugimiya.

The 2nd season, entitled Noragami Aragoto will premiere this fall in Japan.


Twitter campaign for Pokken Tournament in Japan | Why you should not participate if you are outside Japan

So apparently, there is a Twitter campaign right now in Japan for Pokken Tournament. Just tweet the name of the Pokemon you want included as a support character and they will consider it. As to how they will, I don’t know. Will the Pokemon who has the highest votes get included?

The steps are simple. Follow the Pokkén Tournament official Twitter account. Then tweet using the hashtag “#ポッ拳”(#Pokkén in Japanese) followed by the name of a Pokémon you’d like to see as a support character.

Keep in mind, that it’d probably work best if you type in the Japanese name, which you can find by looking up your Pokémon on Bulbapedia and other websites. The campaign will go on until July 23rd.

via Siliconera.

In my opinion though, I feel that us outside Japan should not meddle with this. Why? We are not its target market. The game will first be released in arcades. If we meddle with the campaign, and then the Pokemon that gets included is not really popular in there, then there will be some effects. As to what extent I don’t know, but I can imagine players complaining, like many always do, on Twitter and elsewhere.

lucario mega evolve pokken

There is a sopolution though. Maybe Bandai Namco will filter the results of the campaign to those who are only in Japan. I know it can be done. But then again, not everyone’s saying their accurate location on Twitter, so that means this method can also render slightly inaccurate results.

Well, another idea is for us to involve ourselves in this campaign but then use the western name of the Pokemon. In that way, Bandai Namco will know. They will get an idea on which support Pokemon to include, should ever there be a western release.

Please. A western release….. on 3DS. Lol. Okay, on 3DS and Wii U. Or on NX, since I don’t think the NX and this game will come anytime soon. But it’ll be great to have options.

Splatoon, Animal Crossing New Leaf, and other games about to reach a milestone in Japan

With the latest video game sales in Japan marking the release of a new Yo-kai Watch (and also Ace Attorney) game, I also saw some interesting stuff.

Namely, some games that are close to reaching some new milestones in terms of sales.

Splatoon (released May 2015)


Nintendo’s quirky shooter is on its way to 500,000 units sold in Japan. While not entirely impressive, the gist is that, well, this is a new IP, not banking on any past glories except that of its publisher. Nintendo’s gamble had paid off for this one. I’m quite sure it also help moved console sales at launch.

Mario Kart 8 (released May 2014)

mario kart 8 ac

Mario Kart 8 recently sold its 1,000,000th unit in the country. Not really sure but I guess this is the first (or the 2nd) Wii U game to achieve this. Again, for a country with a weak home console market, this is a big achievement.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (released November 2014)

zinnia dragon pokemon team delta episode

The game that span multiplay playthrough articles in this blog. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is around 45,000 units away from reaching the 3 million mark. Way to go, Hoenn!

Animal Crossing New Leaf (released November 2012)


People just can’t get enough of Animal Crossing. It is an endless game, a proof of which is my girlfriend and my friends, who play this game every time we all meet. It’s currently 4,000 units away from reaching the 4 million milestone. 4 million!!!!

There you have it. The games about to reach some sales milestones in Japan. Hey, which of those games do YOU have? What do you think of them being all Nintendo games?

So who won the most recent Assassination Classroom Popularity Poll?

Last February, animation studio Lerche conducted an Assassination Classroom popularity poll. The winner will receive a poster with the top 3 characters.

Lerche is the studio behind the AssClass anime. At the time of the poll, the anime was still at episode 6 though I can still imagine that people who are reading the manga have also checked it out and voted.

1. Akabane Karma
2. Shiota Nagisa
3. Korosensei
4. Karasuma Tadaomi
5. Isogai Yuuma
6. Maehara Hiroto
7. Irina Jelavic
8. Chiba Ryunnosuke
9. Sugino Tomohito
10. Kanzaki Yukiko
11. Takebayashi Kotarou
12. Kayano Kaede
13. Hazama Kirara
14. Hara Sumire
15. Kurahashi Hinano


While the poll was done in February, the results were only announced last month, at the end of the first season run of Assassination Classroom.

Gahd, I’m really obsessed in this series. Who is your favorite character anyway?

Obituary: Satoru Iwata made me remember something important about games

One of the best things I did in my life was to read Game Over: How Nintendo Conquered the World by David Sheff. Providing a wealth of information on Nintendo’s early history, it also made me took note of the company’s strategy at the time of then-company president, Hiroshi Yamauchi.

Imperious, secretive, and cunning, Yamauchi secured Nintendo’s fortunes with a cutthroat business strategy. Perhaps it was the reason why Nintendo mightily transformed from maker of love hotels to the gaming powerhouse in the 80s and until today. Maybe it was also the kind of leadership that was needed at that time in order to succeed.

Read: The Troubled Love Story Between Nintendo and Asia

By the turn of the century, Yamauchi was older and the industry had changed. It was at this time when Satoru Iwata became president of Nintendo. You probably know all of it already. From the GameCube to the Wii and Wii U. From the Gameboy Advance to the Nintendo DS and 3DS. Iwata was there both at the highest and lowest point of the company. You probably know this all too well. So I’m not going to elaborate.


In 2009, I was finally able to buy my own gaming device. It was a Nintendo DS. The first game that I want to play was the Ace Attorney series. I heard it was like a novel. A visual novel, they said it was called that way. You read the story, and you interact with it from time to time to progress the plot. It was a marvelous game.

I never identified myself as gamer before that.

For a while, I thought games were just Call of Dutys and Half-Life. They were very popular. I tried them but my head got dizzy every time. Perhaps it was my familiarity with Nintendo that for my first paycheck, I bought that handheld instead of a gaming-capable phone, or Sony’s alternative. When I was a kid we had a Family Computer, of which I do not know exactly what happened to it after my few times playing the system. Then my cousin’s SNES, wherein every Saturday, me and younger would go to her house to play with her for 3 – 3 hours of Super Mario World. At one point my cousin’s father scolded her and decided there won’t be playtime one Saturday. We waited for him to let us play, until me and my brother went sleepy. Before we realized it, it was already nightime.

Maybe that was the reason why I bought a Nintendo DS when I finally can afford one. Maybe it’s not just the familiarity, but because deep in my heart I want to continue playing the unfinished games we played when we were kids.

satoru iwata meme

Since then I watched every E3 presentation. Because I have a Nintendo DS, I checked out Joystiq every time I got the chance to find out what the latest games are. It was then that the likes of Satoru Iwata and Reggie became embedded in my mind. At first, to me they were just new Nintendo employees in addition to Shigeru Miyamoto. But over time, the various quotes from the Nintendo president were so iconic and memorable on their own that I began to consume them. I watch regularly the Nintendo Directs were he made fun of himself always! I read the Iwata Asks interviews, which provided wealth of information for Nintendophiles and gamers alike. Then his interviews.

Satoru Iwata had become the face of Nintendo. And I, a Nintendo gamer naturally liked him.


But he was also well liked in the gaming community. While people like the president of Zynga was universally hated, everyone likes Iwata. Key people in the industry like Shuhei Yoshida (PlayStation), down to that humble video gamer in his room love Iwata. While Hiroshi Yamauchi was always in the shadows, Iwata appeared as the face of Nintendo. From the memes he helped span, to his passionate love for games, you can’t helped but love him. And this constant jibber jabber and Directs and Iwata Asks we have come to associate him with Nintendo.

Satoru Iwata had cancer, a fact that we all know since last year. Of course we all thought every thing’s fine again, since he said so. When he went out of the hospital and got thinner, he updated his Mii Avatar subsequently. He was not in E3 last year but we saw him in a stage-fight with Reggie. He was not in E3 this year, but he was there in puppet form.

Satoru Iwata has always been there. In sharp contrast with Yamauchi, and his peers, he was always present in the most important time. The cult of personality that is Satoru Iwata cemented his image to everyone who loves Nintendo and follows their news. It’s so amazing yet so strange. Even if we never met him, it felt that we have someone close to us.


We can never separate Satoru Iwata from Nintendo. Now I wonder who will replace him. His final major decision is Nintendo’s careful move to mobile gaming. A man who truly believes in the value of games, the move to mobile gaming was planned accordingly, in a classic Nintendo fashion of arriving late to the party but with poise. While I do wonder how things will change for Nintendo, I feel we should just leave that issue some other time. For now, let us just celebrate his life. A gamer at heart. His death made me realize that I should meet my heroes. One day I will.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a game to play.

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