To 3D or not to 3D

In my years playing on the Nintendo 3DS, I have never bothered with the 3D. It glares so much and it needs to be on a certain distance…and not to mention you can’t shake the device.

The same is true with the New Nintendo 3DS XL, even with the superior 3D effect. The reason? Games do not optimize well with 3D. Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is grainy. And what’s more, One Piece Unlimited doesn’t have 3D at all.

xenoblade chronicles 3ds wii comparison

I believe there are only 2 exceptions, Ace Attorney 5 and Bravely Default. Both of these games are very beautiful with the 3D effect turned on.

But still.. I just can’t get used to it. Earlier while I was playing Bravely, the 3D was open for about an hour. And then I turn it off. Why? Yes, the 3D effect is now stable. But when I look somewhere else, or I move my hand (therefore moving the handheld), that glare effect is back. And I hate it.

I think this is just me being obsessive-compulsive about it and that I should just let go. But tomorrow, I’ll try it again with the 3D effect on all-the-time. And then the next day, with it turned on. Let’s see what’s better for me in the next few days.

New Year Gaming Resolutions

I still do follow gaming news, constantly checking Kotaku and Siliconera. Though at this point, I don’t follow them as constantly as I did before. You can see that the blog lacks the news that I usually post almost every day in 2014.

Did I grew tired of it? Probably.

But another reason probably is that I just spend much more time gaming than writing here. That’s all.

Also, no longer do I try chasing the games as they get released, (except of course for the likes of Pokemon), but I would look for discounts on the eShop or at some retail outlets.

I found out that there’s really no difference in buying the game on launch week, and then buying it later. Still the same experience. Still the same game. Remember how it took me several weeks before I got a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS?

Right now, I’m still not finished with the game (heck, it was so huge).

Which means even if I get the game later or on sale, it doesn’t really matter on my end. Still the same game.

Of course, some of you might say, that with this stance that I took with game purchases, I’m not actually contributing to the industry. Well, to that, I really don’t know what to say. But I don’t live in the US, Europe, or any other major country.. so unless I made a digital purchase (which they can record), I don’t think my physical purchase will really count to anything. (Of course I might be wrong on this).

But enough of that. Let’s talk about some gaming resolutions. Mine would be atleast 1 game a month. Before, I always tell myself that it should be an RPG, be it action, jrpg, srpgs, etc. Right now though, I don’t really care what it will be, as long as it is something that can make me relieved of my stress.

So no creepy games or whatever that can perpetually disturbed me. Actually, here are the games that I look forward to this 2016.

  • Final Fantasy Explorers
  • Those 3 Fire Emblem Games
  • Hyrule Warriors Legends
  • Langrisser
  • Bravely Second

At least those above have definite release dates. As for old games that i need to start / finish:

  • Bravely Default
  • Legend of Heroes: Trails in  the Sky
  • Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1
  • Fairy Fencer F
  • Killer is Dead
  • That Naruto game on the PSP.

Hey so that’s 11 games now! I’m assuming games like the next Ace Attorney game will also come out in 2016. So that’s 12! Hahaha. Sticking into this will really be hard, as release dates get updated… wait, I thought I just said I will not be bounded by release dates?…

Anyway, happy new year to all!

Some of the games I played this year…

As I look back, 2015 has been much more hectic for me. From work, to family life, to work, to relationships, to studying, and did I say work?

But of course whenever I do have time, I tried to have a go at some of my games. Lord I even bought some games that until now I’m barely an hour or so..

Anyway, before we dabble to some serious life questions, let’s take a look at some of the games I played this year and my reactions to them:

Detective Conan X Kindaichi

detective conan kindaichi case files 3

It can stand on its own as with all the best visual novels that I played, but it being a Detective Conan game is the major factor why I played it.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (on hold until probably later today)


Quite simply the best JRPG I have played so far in my life. Beat the heck out of the modern Final Fantasy games, and can probably overtake FF6 as the best JRPG ever.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

zinnia dragon pokemon team delta episode

After a hundred or so hours, I don’t know if I’m getting back into this game. The Delta Episode has one of the best storylines ever in the Pokemon series.

Fairy Fencer F (still playing this)

fairy fencer f gameplay


A very beautiful game. Of course the story is a bit weaker, but it’s probably because I’m overwhelmed with Xenoblade

That Naruto Game on PSP  (only playing this from time to time)

I realize I don’t need to re-follow the anime series if I can watch them in action here.. (sorry no image)

Trails in the Sky PSP (short bursts of playtime)

trails in the sky - 2

Very intriguing. I wish I can play it more and more but my God I sometimes fell asleep while having a go with it. I wish I am on the fun part already.

What’s next?

As I go to 2016, I think it’s important to say that I will still play video games. In fact, I actually want to implement a 1 game per month scheme. But it will depend on my free time. With me having a job, taking a part time job, and studying (plus life and relationship things), I think that might be next to impossible..that 1 game per month. :(

Still, I’m positive that games, along with anime and books will still be a part of my life, yes, including writing.

Have a great new year everyone!


Granblue Fantasy – Recommended SSRs

The Start Dash gacha and Surprise gacha allows you to pick any SSR of your choice with a few exceptions. That said, you probably want to know what you should pick. There are many factors to consider, but here are some important tips for starters.

  1. You should definitely pick a character-unlock weapon if you started the game recently. This is because a character-unlock weapon gives you both a weapon and a character.
  2. Even though stats and skills are important, you need to like the character you pick. His/her character design and voice actors are both equally important factors as you’ll be seeing and hearing that character for a long, long time. You get to preview all the characters and hear their voices in the selection list so take your time with it.

Now I will introduce particularly useful characters. There will be one offensive-type character, one defensive-type character, one support-type character, and a few healing-type characters.

I will only introduce SSR characters as using the exchange ticket for a SR or R is really a waste of the ticket. Also, this is ultimately just a recommendation so you should still consider your own party’s strengths and weaknesses and your own preferences as well.


Yodaruraha is a very new character. He is incredibly strong, capable of dealing 999,999 damage right off the bat at level 1.

For a player in his first week, three or four-digit damage will probably be what you are likely to see. Not 999,999 for sure. No other characters in the game are capable of dealing such damage at low levels.

Yodaruraha has a buff called sanmaku (三幕), and he starts out a battle with three of those buffs. Every time he attacks or uses an ability, he loses one of them. Every four turns, he will replenish three sanmaku again.

When Yodaruraha uses his finishing move with three sanmaku on, he will deal 333,333 non-elemental fixed damage for each sanmaku he has. This means that regardless of a monster’s defense or element it will eat that 333,333 damage. With three of those, that will be 999,999.

However, there is a little problem. It’s hard to time the sanmaku buffs and the finishing move nicely to deal the maximum damage. It is possible to overcome this with Assault Time. For new players who don’t know what that is, Assault Time is a special period of time set by a guild leader. During this period of time, your party starts a battle with maximum finishing move gauge, so your entire party can use their finishing moves and end with a full chain burst in the first turn of a battle. Do take note that you need to get to chapter 4 for main quest to be able to join a guild. That should not be a big issue though.

Since Yodaruraha starts a battle with three sanmaku, the Assault Time will allow him to deal 999,999 damage on the first turn.

Yodaruraha is not perfect though. When he uses up his sanmaku his stats will fall drastically. This means during Assault Time he will become extremely weak on turn two and three. Also, you can probably tell that he can be a very technical character to use. That might be bad for a player who doesn’t understand Granblue Fantasy well enough yet. Lastly, as you can see, Yodaruraha is an old Harvin man (Harvin is the dwarf of the Granblue Fantasy world). If you don’t mind his appearance you can consider picking him for your Start Dash exchange ticket for maximum firepower.


Sara is THE absolute wall of Granblue Fantasy. She is probably the best defensive character you can find.

Sara can take damage for party members, increase her own defense, and reduce damage taken by all party members. She’s a useful character from the start all the way till certain end-game battles when wall characters no longer matter as much. As her defensive capability is exceptional she can be brought into boss battles for any element, including Sara’s weakness, the wind element.

She does have her weaknesses though. As Sara is a 100% defensive characters, she is really weak offense-wise. If your party has no hard-hitting characters all Sara can do for you is to make your party survive really long. You won’t be killing bosses any more easily. If you do have offensive characters then do consider picking Sara to keep the  characters alive and balanced so that they can unleash more hurt on bosses. Secondly, to use Sara effectively, you need to understand the bosses’ attack patterns very well.  If you activate her ability to reduce damage taken for the whole party, and the boss heals itself during its turn, Sara’s ability will simply go to waste. This might not be a bad thing though, as Sara forces you to thoroughly understand a boss attack patterns and may help you to fight more wisely.




Altair is the ultimate support character. He is able to buff the party’s attack and defense by up to 30%, increase the finishing move gauge of the party by 30%, and debuff monsters’ attack and defense by up to 20%. These are useful skills that will stay relevant from start to end.

Do take note that even though his debuff skill has the same effect as the Dark Fencer’s miserable mist, it has a lower probability of having an effect. However, if you can overlook that, this allows you to equip a skill other than miserable mist for the main character’s EX ability slot.

That’s it. He is simple to understand isn’t he?

Characters with party-healing ability : Rena, Yuel, Lily, Caliostro

Other than Katarina and Lo from the main story, your party will not have any other characters with the ability to heal the whole party. It is fairly common for a beginner player to get wiped out mercilessly if they don’t have healing abilities, or if Katarina and Lo’s healing abilities don’t cool down fast enough. These four characters will provide a solution to that.



Of these four characters, only Rena has an all-heal ability at level one. The other three girls gain their party-healing skills at level 45. Also it’s worth mentioning that Rena is wind elemental, which is strong against earth elemental monsters, and earth element is Katarina and Lo’s weakness as they are water elemental. Picking Rena will cover all grounds for the beginner player. She is the best of the four during early-game play.



Yuel is a fire elemental balanced type with fairly strong offensive capabilities.



Lily is water elemental with a fire-damage reduction ability.



Caliostro is a late-blooming earth elemental support character. She gains the ability to buff the entire party at level 100 (!). Caliostro is one of the only six SSR characters who has her max level 100 unlocked at the time of this writing.

Healing-type characters are generally quite weak in all aspects. They deal little damage, and they die easily. Once you get past the early-game you will find healing-type characters to not be that useful. Though they do become useful again end-game. Give that a thought if you decide to pick these girls.

To find out more about the Start Dash gacha or Surprise gacha, do check out Apartment 507’s blog

About the author :

I’m Desheng, a Singaporean guy who loves everything about the Japanese culture but especially Japanese games. Among those I am particularly knowledgeable about rhythm games and JRPGs. Currently working in Japan as a writer.

The Digimon Adventure Tri Feels

We’ve been waiting for Digimon Adventure Tri for so long. Delays after delays, and finally just a few days ago, we finally reunited with Taichi, Sora, and the rest of the original Digi-Destined.

At first, the anime doesn’t reveal Taichi’s face (as if we haven’t seen it already). But we were treated to the revamp version of Butter-Fly.

And then we saw Taichi:


and Hikari:


But they have some problems at the moment:


Yes. The same exact thing that most kids who watched the first Digimon anime are experiencing, well, with their childhood friends, or even friends from high school.

Here’s a series of pics that perfectly explains that they don’t have time for each other anymore:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But there’s an ongoing problem. People can’t connect to their cellphones


By the way, I have to commend the Bandai for making sure all phones are flip-phones. Meaning, there’s no big year gap like Superman 3 and Superman Returns.



This Digimon appeared and destroyed buildings.

Taichi’s a bit indecisive. But lo and behold:


Agumon appeared! And proceeded to battle it out!

image(37) image(38) image(39)image(40)

But it proved too powerful for Greymon, so what better way to conclude all this than with every Digi-Destined (except Jo, and Mimi on the first part:


But of course Mimi would later come:


Digimon Adventure Tri is nostalgic, that Yamato and Taichi are still on it:


Seriously, the bromance is so real, I thought they will just make up and kiss.

Oh well. I sighed with relief when they didn’t.

Overall, Digimon Adventure Tri is pure nostalgia. Some parts were a bit off. Some were great moments. Still, we couldn’t resist calling it a success. Who among you doesn’t want to see them again, anyway?

digimon adventure tri

What are your thoughts on Digimon Adventure Tri?


8 Reasons why we worship Saitama from One Punch Man

What is it. What is it with Saitama that make people cheer for him? What makes him so special?

The answer is, no, not just because he is bald. But let’s try to answer why people worship Saitama, and subsequently, the One Punch Man anime.

1. Okay, He’s Bald

one punch man saitama bald

No elaboration needed here.

2. He’s not aware that he is the strongest of them all.

saitama manga speed of light.gif

He’s not self-conscious with his strength. He could have rule the world, or portions of it if he wants to.. but certainly..

3. He’s only ambition is to be recognized

one punch man - 2.gif

Yeah. How noble, however…

4. He does his job well.

one punch man.gif

In one punch. Bam! No one gets hurt! At the same time, nothing gets reported, no one recognizes or saw his acts. Which leads to this perfect conversation:

• Saitama:I finally figured out why all those other heroes are famous and I’m not.
• Genos:Why’s that, sensei?
• Saitama:They’re only famous because they screw up all the time and let their villains kill people! You know, my villains never get that chance. It’s like…Have you ever heard of Crabrante?
• Genos:No…
• Saitama:No! Because I do my damn job.

From <;

5. He loves money

Who doesn’t want money? Also,

6. He’s too kind.

one punch man saitama.gif

He could have killed people, but he doesn’t. If he is conscious with “not killing humans”, then why is it that…

7. He failed the entire essay part of the Hero Test.


He didn’t realize there was an essay part. He aced the physical exams, but forgot the essay part. He could have also been class S. But perhaps the main reason why no one sees him is because, and subsequently why we like him is because of this:

8. He just look ugly.

one punch man bald

Okay I am a bit harsh.

He just doesn’t look the part.

But LET US ALL ADMIT that in the history of anime, we always see uber powered heroes. Most of the time, they look like this:

tatsuya shiba irregular at magic high school.gif

or this

kirito sword art online.gif
Uhmm. What’s happening here, anyway?

And perhaps that’s the reason why we love Saitama from One Punch Man.

He’s like the anti-thesis of the bishounen hero archetype.

saitama mosquito

He’s so ordinary.

And frankly, he looks like your average guy. Only 10% of the world’s male population looks like this:

mikaela owari no seraph - 2.gif

We somehow connect ourselves to Saitama. We boo the Hero Association for not recognizing his macho. We love to see him punch and kick those big bullies.

one punch man saitama - 2.gif

We, the ugly, the old, and the salarymen of the world. He made us feel that we can also become heroes on our own right.

And we don’t have to look the part to become one.

one punch man - 3.gif

The Nintendo 3DS Withdrawal | Trails in the Sky Edition

I have been leaving my Nintendo 3DS at home.

Before, I carry it, always. Everywhere I go, whenever I go.

It seems that so many things have changed for me.

First, I refuse to have a heavy bag.

I had a big bag before. It had everything, from extra clothes, slippers, umbrella (in the likely event that it rains), then my toothbrush, my 2 notebooks, my tablet, my phone, and my 3DS.

Nothing this much though.
Nothing this much though.

But it was just so inconvenient, especially when I ride the train going to work.

Imagine fucking standing in that train for 30 minutes. Not too mention the long walks to and from bus stations.

Unless the train is like this...
Unless the train is like this…

And speaking of bus stations, the queue is sometimes so long, you will wish you did not carry all the things that you shouldn’t be carrying.

So one night, I decided I could not take this shit any longer. I began to unload, and unload, and the results? I can now have a small bag. I removed the notebooks. What is the tablet for. I remove my extra clothes. It is natural to be sweaty after work, and oh after those train rides.

No Free! but something similar, and smaller!
No Free! but something similar, and smaller!

I left my 3DS. Why? I realize I don’t play it in the office, and I could not even play it on a packed train or bus. Streetpass? Nah, I don’t play Animal Crossing or any of those games that require some walking to get some coins.

It was hard at first. Why? Because the thought of it just being there when I need it is somehow comforting. Some days ago, there was a massive, as in a MASSIVE queue for the bus ride. My tablet’s battery died, and I have to save the phone’s battery. I don’t have a powerbank.

Oh battery life. I missed my 3DS, and the Nintendo DS before it. And the GameBoy Advance. Oh Lord their battery life was glorious.

And so I’m back here in the province. And my 3DS? I left it at my girlfriend’s apartment. In my previous incarnation, I would have gone there to retrieve it, but now I felt there is no need to. What I did was to just to spend my days on some games that I have in my possession. One of them is this:

trails in the sky - 2


Yeah I have this for a long time. And it wouldn’t hurt to start it now right? It’s just that, back when I first played it, I got bored by the very long introduction. HAHA. But it seems there’s something that’s intriguing in it. And since my Nintendo’s not around, might as well check it out.

But I must admit I miss the handheld. Perhaps I am getting old. I don’t have time in the world anymore to play all the games I want. But let’s just talk about that some other time.

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