Bleach – All the characters that died / missing so far


With another Bleach chapter arriving yesterday, it seems the stage is now all set for another character to die.

Speaking of death, this quincy arc seems to give us quite a handful of characters, Shinigami and Quincy alike, who get killed or incapacited. I honestly thought Byakuya had died, but a large number of chapters later, he opened his eyes, and hola, he’s alive.


Over at Reddit, people are undecided on the correct number of characters that have died here in this Quincy arc. Let’s take a look at the first list created by

List of Characters that Died (or presumably dead) / Missing-in-Action (MIA) in Bleach

– Izuru – Unknown/rekt by Bazz B (alive in that novel 13 Blades, but unknown if it’s canon or not)
– Chojiro – killed by Driscoll
– Harribel – Alive but imprisoned by Yhwach
– Melony and Loly (Aizen’s arrancar hoes) – rekt by Quilge but still alive
– 3 Bestias/Harribel’s fraction (Apacci, Mila Rose, Sung-sun) – still alive despite that beat down from Quilge
– Ayon – killed again, by Quilge
– Sternritter J/Quilge – Killed by Grimmjow
– Sterntitters R/Jerome, Q/Berenice, and one of the Y’s/Loyd – killed by Kenpachi
– Sternritter O/Driscoll – killed by Yamamoto
– Sternritter other Y/Royd – killed by Yhwach
– Shaz Domino – Unknown/rekt by Ichigo (still alive in that 13 Blades novel but unknown if it’s canon or not)
– Yamamoto – killed by Yhwach
– Sternitter E/Bambietta – killed by Giselle
– Komamura – Alive but turned into a dog/wolf
– Sternritter F/As Nodt – killed by Rukia
– Sternritter S/Mask – killed by Renji
– Sternritter K/BG9 – Unknown (was supposed to be executed by Hashwalth but it was never shown)
– Sternritter I/Cang Du – Executed by Hashwalth
– Kensei – killed by Gremmy then turned zombie
– Rose – Killed by Gremmy then turned zombie
– Toshiro – Alive but turned zombie
– Rangiku – Alive but turned zombie
– Gremmy – killed by Kenpachi
– Yachiru – Unknown
– Unohana – killed by Kenpachi
– Sternritter L/Pepe – killed/eaten by Liltotto
– Sternritter U/Najahkoop – killed by Bazz B
– Aizen – still in the Seireitei still bound to Chair-sama
– Sternritter N/Robert – killed by Yhwach’s Auswahlen
–  Sternritters P/Meninas, and T/Candice – Unknown if killed by Yhwach’s Auswahlen
– Royal Guard – Unknown (But Ichibei is still alive)
– Sternritter W/Nianzol – killed by Shutara
– Ukitake – Unknown
– Kenpachi – still alive but paralyzed
– Shuhei – Unknown (was shot by Lille)
– Grimmjow – alive but poisoned
– Sternritters G/Litlotto and Z/Giselle – Unknown but rekt by Yhwach
– Sternritter H/Bazz B – Unknown but rekt by Hashwalth
– Soul King and Mimihagi – absorbed by Yhwach

That’s the first list. Okay, let’s move on to the other list created by

Dead (This Arc so far):
– Bambietta
– As Nodt
– Robert Accutrone
– Driscol
– Bernecie
– Cang Du
– Jerome
– Mask
– Rroyd/Loyd whatever
– Quilge
– Gremmy
– PePe
– Niazol
– Chojiro Sasakibe
– Rose
– Kensei
– Unohana
– Yammamoto

Presumably dead:
– BG9
– Giselle
– Sajin Komamura
– Lilotto
– Bazz B
– Shuhei
– Hiyosu

– Yachiru, clearly.
– Does Izuru count? (Kept alive by Mayuri as revealed in 13 blades book.)
– Meninas
– NaNaNa
– Ukitake (Also possibly presumable dead?)

As you can see, Tite Kubo had done a wonderful job of killing a number of characters in this very long arc. Also, he also did a wonderful job specifically to some of the characters who are missing in action. Like, really, where are they now.


Point of concern to the fan community is whether a character actually died or not. Especially in Bleach, we have come to a conclusion that a character is only dead when a) it is obvious and b) if it was specifically stated that they are dead. God I can still remember the Royal Guards, we all thought they died, and then later they reappear. And then when a panel showed them being knocked down, no one assumed already that they died.

The reason being.. This is Bleach.

Danmachi is more than Hestia (Review)

Better late than never.

Even if you have not watched a single episode of Danmachi, you, as someone who is into anime, must have atleast heard of Hestia, the anime’s female heroine. Her petite form, complimented by her long black hair tied in pigtails and dressed in pure white. However, all of those things are not the reasons why she stands out from the crowd, but because of that blue ribbon that is meant to support her chest. Doujinshis and Fan-arts have been drawn, one after the other.

Danmachi is a light novel written by Fujino Omori. It's first anime season has just finished.
Danmachi is a light novel written by Fujino Omori. It’s first anime season has just finished.

But when you watch Danmachi, you realize it is not the blue ribbon, nor Hestia, that will make you watch episode after episode.

A gamer who is into RPG, or even into table-top RPG, will like Danmachi’s world. Set in a universe where the gods live with humans, these gods established their own “familia” to surround them. These familia are often adventurers who explore a certain dungeon where monsters live (when these monsters die, they will leave behind gems that can be traded in shops, and the adventurer will also level up). In return for the adventurers’ loyalty, they are rewarded with a skill, or abilities by their gods or goddess. Some gods are surrounded with a large familia.

Hestia, only has one – Bell Cranel.


If you have watched too many anime in your life, Bell Cranel is no different. He is very much motivated in his goals. But much of that is because of a girl that she likes (hint: It is not Hestia) who is a strong adventurer in her own right. Bell seems to be different from his peers in that he values loyalty than selfishness. And since Danmachi deals with heroes, he is established as the ultimate hero in this story, as he is shown to risk his life for his companions, friends, and for his goddess.

Part of Danmachi’s charm is how it mimics tabletop RPG, and the JRPG that you play in your console. Cranel starts out without much knowledge but only with his determination to keep up and succeed. He was given an ability by Hestia to revved up his skills. He goes to the local inn to refresh. He seeks out the goddess Hephaestus to get the weapon he need (Okay, he’s not the one who did this), He encounters enemy adventurers. He saves the town from a minotaur the escaped from the dungeon. He also got to a boss fight where there was almost no way he could have won, but pulled it off.

The Hestia Familia members - Bell, Welf, and Liliruca
The Hestia Familia members – Bell, Welf, and Liliruca

Add the fact that he has a loyal band of companions naturally transforms Bell from an individual dungeon player into a team leader. The party he formed is rather well rounded. Bell takes charge. Lilli is for support, while Welf is a balanced fighter that can also craft magic weapons. Truly, Danmachi is like an RPG that you have played in the past, and Hestia is just the bonus to hook you in to the main story.

Speaking of hooking in, yes, as I have said, Hestia is the hook that captures the audience’s attention for the first time. What I mean is, if not for her and the ribbon in her chest, many people would not have probably got interested into this anime. I’m not saying everyone are perverts, but you got to admit that Hestia, along with Danmachi’s full title (roughly translated: Is it wrong to pick up girls in the dungeon), got everyone interested and talking. Once you delve into Danmachi though, episode after episode, you will realize this anime is more than just Hestia. It actually makes the effort to make you think that it is not about her. The anime is a success. I hope there will be another season to continue Bell, Lilli, Welf, and Hestia’s adventures.

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Throwback Thursday – The Troubled Story Before the PS1’s Eventual Release

(source, read David Sheff's book about Nintendo. Most of the things I wrote here are from there and I don't claim first-hand knowledge of the events that transpired that time)

The picture above is a prototype of the SNES PlayStation, a combined console that could play cartridge and disc-based games.

By the late 80s, Nintendo knew all too well that their cartridges can be easily pirated, which would lead to loss profits in many parts of Asia and even in their home market and in the west. The next Nintendo system should have a sort of protection from this, and by 1991, a technology called CD-ROM XA became known to the public. Thus, Nintendo was interested. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was out of the market, so an add-on was the only solution if the company wanted to accommodate this technology to the new console.a

ken kutaragi

Ken Kutaragi was working on the side with Nintendo to develop the SNES CD. The CD-ROM XA can combine audio, video, and computer data simultaneously. Although still employed by Sony, he was nearly fired for what he was doing, but was pressed on to continue by then Sony President Norio Ohga.

The CD-ROM XA technology, incidentally, was simultaneously being developed by Phillips, a company you probably know today to produce light bulbs, equipments, and other consumer electronics products. Phillips is from Europe. Sony is from Japan. Nintendo is in Japan. Everything was going through well and it was now time to announce the Play Station by Nintendo and Sony on the 1991 Consumer Electronics Show.

Nintendo at the Consumer Electronics Show 1991
Nintendo at the Consumer Electronics Show 1991

Things fell through though, when then-Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi realized that their contract with Sony gave the latter complete license control on all software to be developed for the SNES-CD. Minoru Arakawa and Howard Lincoln, president and vice president of Nintendo of America respectively, flew to the Netherlands to sign a deal with Phillips, without Sony’s knowledge.

On the 1991 Consumer Electronics Show, Nintendo shocked Sony when they announced their deal with Phillips to create the SNES-CD.

It was Saturday. The night before, Sony announced their deal with Nintendo on the very same thing. The very spectacle humiliated Sony particularly in Japan, where, well, you know the country’s cultural attitude with regards to embarrassment and humiliation.

A PlayStation 1 ad
A PlayStation 1 ad

The PlayStation idea would eventually move on from being Nintendo-centric – to Sega-centric. Sony approached Sega of America to develop it, but Sega of Japan voted it down. Had this event happened, we could have been living today in an era of the Sega PlayStation 4.

But no, it just didn’t turn out that way. Soon Sony decided it was best to keep the technology as their own, and proceed to develop the PlayStation as their own console. Japan saw the launch on December 3, 1994. North America received it on this day 20 years ago, on September 9, 1995. It went on to ship 102 million units.

And I believe you know what happened next. Sega plummeted with the Dreamcast. Nintendo decided to stay on cartridge on the Nintendo 64. And Ken Kutaragi will lead the PlayStation team until some years after the PlayStation 3 was released.

Here are Pokemon Recreated in Older, Original Sprites

So, what was your first Pokemon game?

The answer to this particular question will be different depending on what age group you currently are in.

  • If you are 7, then maybe Pokemon X and Y
  • If you are 17, then maybe Diamond and Pearl or Black and White (I love Gen V)
  • If you are 28, then maybe Pokemon Red and Blue and Green (Depending on what country you are in. I’m assuming someone in Japan is reading right now. )

Old Pokemon Sprites up to Gen V

The picture above is a collection up Pokemon Sprites. Yes, 7 year old, before Pokemon fights were in 3D, they were all just sprites mud sporting and earthquaking on each other. Before these sprites don’t even move until I think around Pokemon Emerald-ish.

You can right-click the picture above to open it in its full size.

But how did the image above came into being? According to a user on Reddit, the sprite collection came from a project on, a German community. Their goal is to recreate the newer sprites along the style of Red, Blue, and Green era. You can find many of them here.  If you aren’t German, Google Translate’s pretty excellent on this.

Picture captured from the Pokefans website
Picture captured from the Pokefans website

Well, I am not really an art critic. I can’t even tell if the styles on each sprite above are different from each other. Reddit users have spotted some inconsistencies, but if we look way past that, we can see that the general feel is consistent with the older sprites we use to see in early Pokemon games. Ah, I wonder if the next Nintendo handheld will see a remake of the first Pokemon games.

All in all, this is certainly a great undertaking. Fans, such talented people. :) With no “major” Pokemon game this year, I wonder what’s in for next year for the franchise. No matter what that is, we can be sure that the sprite collection above will be continously updated for years to come.

Website highlight:


A German Pokemon site dedicated to little monsters in capsules. They have news, discussion forums, Pokedex, and hundreds of Pokemon fanart and drawings. The website also organize regular tournaments.  Check them out. If you aren’t German, there’s always Google Translate!

Bleach and Tite Kubo’s Twitter Account


Bleach is “sort” of hot as the moment.

The mobile game “Blade Souls” has been a hit in Japan. The manga recently had itself been the cover of Shonen Jump and had color pages for the first time in so many years.

Not to mention that big revelation in the manga that got everyone talking again…

And then there’s Tite Kubo. And also there’s Tite Kubo’s Twitter account.


Some days ago, Kubo posted the following:

Which translates to:

“Notice: As of Thursday evening, I’m going to remove my Twitter account within the next 24 hours. Until then people who have business with me, please send me direct messages.”

Today, Tite Kubo is no longer on Twitter. His Twittet handle returns a 404 page (of course).

The Bleach community was wondering what happened. Did he find Twitter something he couldn’t used?  Was he receiving some nasty and irate remarks on the platform?

Whatever that be we may never know. In the meantime, Bleach still continues, and will probably contine forever.

This is Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax’s Opening Movie

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax is shaping up to be an important fighting game the Sega will release this year, that is of course, if you are into anime.

Below is the game’s opening movie showing the characters and the stages, some of these stages are Sega-themed.

For a list of all characters in Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, see here.

The game’s coming out on October 6 both on the Vita and on PlayStation 3. Yes. In English.

New character in Ace Attorney 6 has a Magatama in his neck

ace attorney 6 bokuto tsuani

As mentioned, there is a new Ace Attorney Game, and lo and behold, it’s confirmed to be coming in ENGLISH!

That’s reason enough to be excited :) Siliconera chanced upon other items in Famitsu, and because of that, we thankfully know the following details:

  • Phoenix Wright is in a mysterious country where people believe in dead spirits
  • In this country, courtrooms used a Water Mirror during trials. Keywords will appear on these water. Of course there will still be testimonies and a way to present evidences.
  • There’s a character named Bokuto Tsuani. He is a priest and he has a freaking MAGATAMA on his neck! (see picture above)
  • There’s another character, but we still don’t know his or her identity.


Ace Attorney 6 will appear on the upcoming Tokyo Game Show in demo form. Better set sights on the news during that busy week. :)

Now that it’s confirmed to be coming out in English, I have no other feeling other than happiness. I still wish though that the recent “Great Ace Attorney” gets released at some point.

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