Assassination Classroom 141 [Manga Impressions]

Indeed this still has to end with an assassination

Read Assassination Classroom Chapter 141

assassination classroom 141-3

A lot has happened in Assassination Classroom after that time that I wrote about it. Remember, after beating Kayano, Korosensei decided to talk about his past. We learned he was once the most notorious assassin, known as the Shinigami (or the God of Death). He was captured however, and the scientist Yanagisawa proceeded to conduct some experiments with him. This experiment altered his body leading to what he is now. Without further ado, here it is: Continue reading Assassination Classroom 141 [Manga Impressions]

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 will not have Nintendo costume DLCs, so what?

Gaming website Siliconera confirmed with KOEI Tecmo that the European and North American release of its upcoming Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 Nintendo 3DS/PS Vita game will not include the Nintendo-themed costumes in the game’s Japanese release.

via ANN

And so, will this be a dealbreaker?

For the longest time, I wanted to get my hands on Samurai Warriors Chronicles, one of the launch titles for the Nintendo 3DS in 2011. I never got one because a) I think it is a dated game at this point when other publishers have already taken advantage of pushing the graphics on the 3DS and b) I knew about Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3rd for almost a year now, specifically since September last year.

And so when it was announced to be finally coming out of Japan, I got excited. Meh, I did not run, hyperventilate, or jump frantically to tell everyone how excited I am. Maybe I was just….smiling. Finally. This game

With that, I am baffled that there are people who are literally not happy with some of the DLC content not going out of Japan, particularly these Nintendo-themed downloads. Let me tell you a thing or two:

  • Those things aren’t really necessary to play the game
  • If you have a 3DS, you have probably played a Zelda or Mario game, so just go back play those if you want to see them in their costumes.


Coming out on June 30 (US) and June 24 (EU), this will be a good game when riding on trains and buses. And I have a pretty long bus ride everyday. Xenoblade Chronicles is actually very good to play on bus rides, but when there are people pushing me while standing on a moving vehicle, I want to smash their heads. Of course I cannot do that, so hopefully slashing enemies on Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 will do the trick. :)

It won’t be the prettiest game on the handheld…but so what?

This is Windows 10’s Official Anime Mascot

Windows-10-OS-tan-anime mascot

The official OS-tan (mascot) for Windows 10 was revealed today. The new OS-tan will be voiced by Ai Nonaka (Asura Cryin‘s Kanade Takatsuki) but has yet to be given an official name.

The creators are also looking for fans to submit name suggestions for her on June 19th. If you submit a new name, you’ll receive a rough sketch of the character as a desktop wallpaper. Five special participants will be selected to win a signed drawing by Ai Nonaka.

via Haruhichan.

Yes. The next anime mascot for Microsoft. Now I vaguely remember if they were doing something like this before! The last time was Internet-Explorer Tan, which you can check out below:

internet explorer tan anime mascot

If Microsoft is doing one thing right, it would be this. :)

Final Fantasy Agito will be on Windows 10

Final Fantasy Agito, the free-to-play smartphone game with a story that features the history of Final Fantasy Type-0 will release for Windows 10, Square Enix announced today at de:code 2015 event.

There’s still no word as far as when it will release, but Square Enix plan to release the PC version of the game sometime this year.

via Siliconera.

For starters, here’s a trailer in last year’s Jump Festa 2015:

And Windows 10, as you know, is not yet even out. :)

After this post though, I realized I haven’t really talk a lot about PC gaming in this blog, primarily because majority of Japanese games coming out of the country are in consoles. With the exception of games you played in emulators, what was the last JRPG you played on the PC? 

Mine is not exactly a JRPG, but it’s Child of Light.

child of light yoshitaka amano

It counts as it is JRPG inspired! Haha. :D

Throwback in Gaming | When Hironobu Sakaguchi talks about Final Fantasy.

Fans speculated the title was based on the financial stakes if the original game failed or that game director and producer Hironobu Sakaguchi threatened to leave the gaming world all together if Final Fantasy wasn’t a success.

Sakaguchi put those rumors to rest during his keynote speech at Kyoto’s Ritsumeikan University. The franchise’s title had more to do with marketing and the crew had a few criteria to meet when naming the game. The title needed to be easily abbreviated using the Roman alphabet and that abbreviation needed to be four-syllables. Short and sweet. Using the word “Fantasy” was an obvious choice, given the game’s genre.

After initially considering Fighting Fantasy but finding out the name was already in use, they chose “Final.” The abbreviation “FF” (efu efu in Japanese) fit the four syllable requirement.

via ANN

What is so great about this is that Hironobu Sakaguchi continue to talk about Final Fantasy, a series where he does not have any involvement whatsoever. What I admire about him is that, there really is no bitterness when he talks about his previous work, his baby (That being Final Fantasy).

This is very much unlike some other Japanese developers who were now not with their previous employers anymore. I won’t name names, but there is one who continually say that game development in Japan is already dead (from time to time). There is another one who is always critical of how his creation have become a shadow of its former self. Of course it is okay to remark those things once in a while, but referring to it every now in then is, in my opinion, very unremarkable of him.

Final Fantasy has suffered some flops and lows in the last 10 years. But there are still FF games that can receive more praise in general than criticism. I cannot speak for Type-0 as I have not played it, but commenters here in the blog had mentioned before how good that game was. Even Crisis Core  for the PSP is really good in my opinion.

For me though, even if Hironobu Sakaguchi doesn’t work in developing Final Fantasy games anymore, you can still see his mark on the new games developed in the series. You can even see the mark of Final Fantasy in some of Sakaguchi and his company Mistwalker’s works in recent years.

New Live Action Bakuman Screenshots

bakuman live action

The live-action film of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata’s Bakuman. manga unveiled seven new stills on Monday. Two of the stills feature Takeru Satoh and Ryunosuke Kamiki as aspiring manga creators Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi as they visit the editors’ office of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

via Live-Action Bakuman Film Visits Shonen Jump HQ in Screenshots

I haven’t really went so far in the manga. But seeing it in live-action form makes me want to visit again!

bakuman live action - 2

It is important to take note that another series from the makers of this one is Gakkyuu Houtei about a kid lawyer. It looks cool, but the translation takes time. :(

Nintendo discusses region locking and they are more than 10 years late

Iwata said the company is “internally analyzing what hurdles exist to lifting region locks” to determine if being region-free is viable for the NX. In response to the feedback about removing region locks, Iwata said he wants to give the request “positive consideration,” though the company has “nothing concrete at the moment.”

Iwata also acknowledged requests to remove the region locks on current systems, the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS, stating that it would be unrealistic, as “unlocking them after they are already on the market poses a number of hurdles.”

via Anime News Network.

Hurdles? Really?

I am not really familiar with what’s happening in the background. Sony’s PlayStation is region-free. Sony is from Japan.

Of course though, the PlayStation has a massive third party support. Nintendo does not have that kind of leeway.

In the end though, I believe the hurdles Iwata is talking about are internal. How do we approach the retailer? How do we define the new supply chain? Etc Etc. Remember that Nintendo needed DeNA to try to figure out the mobile market (like the payments system and creating the games per se). Maybe Nintendo needs outside help again for figuring out this region-locking issue.


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