Ace Attorney Episode 1 Review

Plot: Ryuichi Naruhodo is on his way for his first trial. Accompanied by Chihiro, his mentor and also an Attorney, Naruhodo takes on the case of Yahari, his bestfriend in elementary school and also the person who’s the reason why he became an attorney in the first place. The Case: Yahari was charged of killing […]

new nintendo 3ds xl

To 3D or not to 3D

In my years playing on the Nintendo 3DS, I have never bothered with the 3D. It glares so much and it needs to be on a certain distance…and not to mention you can’t shake the device. The same is true with the New Nintendo 3DS XL, even with the superior 3D effect. The reason? Games […]

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New Year Gaming Resolutions

I still do follow gaming news, constantly checking Kotaku and Siliconera. Though at this point, I don’t follow them as constantly as I did before. You can see that the blog lacks the news that I usually post almost every day in 2014. Did I grew tired of it? Probably. But another reason probably is […]

Granblue Fantasy – Recommended SSRs

The Start Dash gacha and Surprise gacha allows you to pick any SSR of your choice with a few exceptions. That said, you probably want to know what you should pick. There are many factors to consider, but here are some important tips for starters. You should definitely pick a character-unlock weapon if you started […]