This Dragon Quest V guide written by an old folk reminded me of a woman who played Dragon Quest games until she died at age 80

The notes go into crazy amounts of detail, listing types of monsters, sub-monsters within that type, the items they drop, and more. It even notes how the guy’s grandfather has raised up his team and records story elements.

via RocketNews24.

dragonquest v guide grandfather

Amazing shit. In these day and age, everyone will just type on a Word Processor or here on WordPress to make a guide. Or rather, people will don’t bother to play independently and just a read a walkthrough.

But the gramps in the article is so cool. He played the game, listed out everything that needed to be listed out so that he wouldn’t have a problem when he replayed DQ V.

Seems old folks in JP are into Dragon Quest huh. I remember Kotaku’s articles on the aged actress Keiko Awaji, who played games in the series will into her eighties. She was disappointed with X though, since it is online.

keiko awaji dragon quest

“I don’t think there are many 80 year-old grannies who said ‘shit’ when Dragon Quest X became an online game,” said Awaji in early 2013, adding, “I hate it so much. It’s no good.” – she said in one of her final interviews on TV. She passed away early last year.

I hope her and gramps above are playing Dragon Quest X together somewhere where it doesn’t need to be online.

Disclaimer, I was not able to finish DQ V. I don’t know why I have to say that though. Also I hope that as I grow older, I can continue to play these kinds of games that can helped me immersed in another world.

Yu got some swag in Persona 4: Dancing All Night

“After solving the incident in Yasoinaba, Yu returned to the city and continued his everyday life. He returns to the same city that Rise returns to resume her idol work, and reunites with her when she asks for help. Meanwhile, another incident occurs and the Investigation Team is once again tasked with solving it.”


Oh wow. With all that swag, this game deserves an award for cheesiness. Still looks good, and I expect people to dance all night when Persona 4: Dancing All Night hits Japan on June 25 for the PS Vita.

Bonus Pic:


What are you planning to play this March?

So guys, I cannot believe February had just passed like that so quick.

And you know what, I cannot even believe I spent more than half of it trying to search for a shiny new gadget that can play games in better 3D.

The thing is, I planned on playing this game this Feb on that new gadget:


I even redownloaded the demo so that I could get familiarized with the game’s mechanics. Sadly, the new handheld was so hard to find that I am now just playing Pokemon Shuffle.

This March, this is what I want to play:


With or without the New 3DS, I’m going to play it as it launched. It has been a while since I tried an SRPG.

What are you playing this March?

New Final Fantasy Type-0 Trailer

“The trailer features:

– The history and environments of the war-torn Kingdom of
– The fourteen brave young warriors of Class Zero
– The action-packed battle system, with customizable magic
– The ability to summon fearsome monsters known as Eidolons

Square Enix of America also confirmed the existence of a secret movie
previously confirmed by Square Enix of Japan. It will be unlocked when a
player meets certain conditions in the game.”


This is damn good huh. This, plus the FF XV demo coming out (albeit for the selected few), I sure hope the game will live up to its hype. Uhm, I’m referring to Final Fantasy XV. People who have played Type-0 on the PSP before said it was good. This remake should be better. :)

Dragon Quest Meets Bubble Wrap in Tokyo

Kotaku’s correct. Who can resist bubble wraps? I don’t! Incorporate Dragon Quest in it and you get Bubble Wrap Slimes!



Happening in one of Tokyo’s train stations – Square Enix and Koei Tecmo covered one of the walls with bubble wraps covered in slimes. It looks like this;


As you can see from the first 2 pictures, people can’t resist. To think that this is all fort the promotion of Dragon Quest Heroes, you got to give props to Square and Koei for this very very clever marketing.

And oh, Dragon Quest Heroes is coming out to the west as well. What a piece of good news! I hope Square will also cover all of the world’s train stations in bubble wraps!

Source – Kotaku

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Further Discussed


“The trailer starts out with the beginning of everything, and how it all started with online chatrooms. Before they knew it, a hacker appeared, and offered them a wonderful present, but also tells them that they must login to EDEN, otherwise he’ll hack them. The young protagonist logs in, and meets Digimon.

However, the protagonist then encounters an “Eater” then gets thrown into the real world with his/her body digitally affected. As it turns out, this digital effect has also been going on in the real world.

In order for the protagonist to regain his or her full body, detective work in Cyberspace Eden will be required, in order to figure out exactly what’s been mixing the real world and cyberspace as one.

The 3:36 mark of the video shows a little more on the game system. Upon encountering Digimon, you can scan them for data, then make them into your own allies. The Digimon evolve by gaining experience points.”

via Siliconera.

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is really shaping up to be a massive game. I wish Bandai Namco would check sites like ehem this one, Siliconera etc, to see that there is fan interest in this game. :)

Or we can try to learn Japanese.


Sword Art Online Producer Discusses Hollow Fragment Sequel(?) and Characters

The latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation has a new interview with Sword Art Online: Lost Song producer Yosuke Futami, who discusses everything from a the game’s new characters to a Hollow Fragment sequel and more.

Get the summary below.

  • Unlike Sword Art Online‘s previous dealing with life and death, this time the basis isn’t as gloomy.
  • Rain joins the group around the middle of the game.
  • Seven isn’t very good at the game, but she is the leader princess of her guild, Shamrock.
  • Shamrock also maintains gameplay guides in real-life.
  • It was either Agil and Eugene as being playable, and Agil was decided upon.
  • There is no “affection level” this time, but events are triggered based on the combination of characters.
  • This one is developed by Artdink, not Aquila, which developed Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment. Strictly speaking, the game therefore isn’t a direct sequel per se to Hollow Fragment, but rather considered a new game altogether. Development has been ongoing since before Hollow Fragment‘s release.
  • As for that Hollow Fragment sequel that Futami wanted to make if that game sold well… (it’s implying this is likely something in the works).
  • Because Lost Song and Hollow Fragment are different games, Hollow Fragment‘s save data is not compatible, but it’s still best to hold onto save data from Hollow Fragment.

via Gematsu.

Now I want to play the previous games.

Sword Art Online: Lost Song is coming out on March 26 in Japan.

P.S I got the cover picture from Forbes.


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