Assassination Classroom Manga Impressions

Assassination Classroom is a manga by Yuusei Matsui running on the Weekly Shounen Jump magazine alongside the likes of One Piece, Bleach, and Naruto. It is about an Octopus alien who is now teaching Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School. He plans to destroy the Earth after graduation, which is why he is giving his class every day as an opportunity to learn life lessons, as well as a chance to kill him before he destroys the Earth.

In chapter 132 and the past 4 or 5 chapters, it was revealed that one of Koro-sensei’s students, Kayano, actually had the same tentacles as Koro-sensei. Kayano had the tentacles planted in her brain, all to kill her octopus teacher, who killed her sister.


For those who were following the manga, this is a major plot twist that even I was shocked. For one, Kayano had some screentime. While not really one of the more important characters, Kayano always had something to do, either as support or a main support role. What I mean is that, she was always there in the sidelines, but she was there (unlike the others who sometimes get a page or two in one chapter then gone in the next 5). Kayano even had a dumb assassination attempt that was so goofy and ridiculous (she tried killing Koro-sensei by enticing him with a giant Jelly cake. My god).


And so with Kayano having the same powers as Koro Sensei, it is natural for the Octopus anti-hero to be thrown to a corner. No, of course he can kill Kayano probably in one go. However, for those following the series, we know that Koro-sensei generally do not kill anyone, especially his students. Koro-sensei had no choice but to think of a plan to remove the tentacles from Kayano. (For first time dears, take note that another classmate, Itona, had tentacles planted in him before).

The battle between Koro-sensei and Kayano reach its Zenith in this chapter. The tentacles were slowly eating Kayano’s humanity. Koro-sensei device a plan to remove these tentacles. Apparently, it was feeding on Kayano’s hate, so Koro-sensei planned to fake his death to satisfy her urge to kill her. At that moment that she was satisified, he can remove the tentacles while another student can distract her.

Enter Nagisa, one of the main characters and supposed the person with the most killer instinct than the rest. After Kayano “killed” Koro-sensei, the tentacles were satisified. In order for Kayano to forget completely (albeit momentarily) the hate she had, Nagisa proceed to …. kiss her.


What a comic way of ending things. Kayano turned unconscious in Nagisa’s arms. I think this is the first time there was a kissing scene in the manga though.


And while the next chapter might be about some explanations here and there, what’s most important is what Koro-sensei uttered in the final minutes of his battle with Kayano


So perhaps the Octopus was teaching at Class E because of his promise to Kayano’s sister. I like for him to expound more on his back story, as I believed we are reaching the final year of Assassination Classroom’s serialization in Shounen Jump.

Bleach 621 [Manga Impressions]

Did Ukitake just die?

Read my Bleach 619 summary here (yups, no 620 :( )

bleach 621 - 1 ukitake

In this week’s complicated series that is Bleach, we saw the Quincy king fusing with the soul king. The soul king, however, had so much power it leaks out of Ywach and all over Seireitei. Most of the capable Shinigami, like Uruhara had no clue of what’s happening, though it is obvious that Ukitake just got released from what was connecting him to the Soul King.

Again back to the leaking power, initially the Quincies were “worried” about those substance coming out of Ywach (It looks like Black Goo with eyes and its disgusting to look at). However, since Ywach is now almost one with the Soul King, the black goo’s enemies are now the Shinigami.

bleach 621 ikaku

And so they were, as these black goo tried attacking the Shinigami at Soul Society. Various members, like the bald guy Ikaku and his partner, Soi Fong, and Soi fon’s lieutenant tried fighting off these disgusting substance using their swords. My god, I know all their names before and now I can’t remember them!!! As they tried fighting the black goo, Aizen appeared, sitting on his chair, and crush all these black goo in one blow with his reiatsu.

bleach 621 aizen rukia

And what a way to end Chapter 621 of Bleach with another Aizen cliffhanger.


Next week, the former 5th division captain and number 1 criminal will probably have some conversations with the other captains that will last 10 pages. The captains he abused, like Shinji (lol) will get some airtime trying to kill Aizen or tell the others not to believe him.

But at this point though, what can possible save Soul Society? Ichigo’s still falling from the top where Uryuu had kicked him. Uruhara’s useless. Everyone’s intelligence seemed to drop down. Can Aizen save everyone before killing them all?

[Profiles] Wada Kouji and Re-Fly

Wada Koji may not have many hit songs in Japan, but he is most recognizable as the voice behind many of the Digimon opening and ending songs… and perhaps his most iconic was the first one – Butterfly.


Because of his contributions the Digimon series, he is held in high regard by the series fans, who follow him in his every project. He had cancer more than a decade ago. It was completely gone when the thing metastasized somewhere. Truly heartbreaking. He had a long battle. He fought hard, and now he’s back with an EP. Here are the songs:

Hirari ~re-fly Ver.~
Kaze ~re-fly Ver.~
Pieces of Hope

It seems some of the songs in this album are not new according to this thread. However, the most awesome for now is re-Fly, which certainly sounds like something that can be a perfect music for the upcoming Digimon Adventure Tri.

Of course the video does not contain the full song. It seems though it is talking about how, despite all the challenges and no matter how many times he falls, he will still fly again. Kinda inspirational if you ask me. Now if only pop music is this good elsewhere.

Re-Fly has some “Butterfly-esque” feel on it. Although it seems the lyrics is more about him than Digimon, I think the meaning can also be applied to the series, and can probably be a song for anyone facing hardships in life.

Hey, we’re getting heavy on the subject now, aren’t we?

There is literally a DEAD Yamcha Figma

dead yamcha

Poor Yamcha.

Apart from dying again and again every time the Dragonball Z anime gets some TV reruns, they even immortalized your dying by depicting it in a figure.

dead yamcha figure 4 dead yamcha figure 3 dead yamcha figure 2 dead yamcha figure 1

Yamcha was so great at one point.

Okay, it was during the early days of Dragonball. And then Vegeta and the Saiyans appear. Then Frieza, then Cell. Yamcha was put on the sidelines, just like Chaosu and what’s the name of that pig? They continued to live and die for the purpose of showing to the viewers how bad Goku’s enemy would be. At that purpose I think Yamcha had succeeded. And now his death was immortalized.

Krillin must be next.

This dead Yamcha figure will be available by August 2015.

Rodea the Sky Soldier has a new 3DS trailer days before release date

Below is a new trailer for Rodea The Sky Soldier, another game I’m looking forward to for the Nintendo 3DS.

If you can still remember, this game was almost in development hell in so many years, before being re-announced last year, and now coming out this April 2 in Japan.

Capcom Was Looking for The Great Ace Attorney Playtesters

Too bad the deadline for application already ended.

Capcom was actually looking for Playtesters to try The Great Ace Attorney, or Dai Gyakuten Saiban in Japan. As far as I can see, the playtester would be experiencing the following:

  • Play a portion of the game
  • Have some discussions with Shu Takumi. With Shu Takumi himself my God!

Pay is 30,000 yen, but that money is nothing compared to the fact that you get to discuss the game that you love with the creator itself.

In some more important news, it seems there will be new announcements about The Great Ace Attorney on Famitsu in the coming weeks! That is certainly something to look forward.

The Great Ace Attorney is a new game in the Ace Attorney series wherein you play as Phoenix’s wright ancestor. Together with Sherlock Holmes, you’ll be solving mysteries in England and will do some courtroom action on a jurist court system.

via Source

New trailer for Devil Survivor 2 shows the Fates System

Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker has a new trailer introducing the fates system. Simply put – your choices can affect the story of the game, as well as your relationship with the other characters.

The game originally appeared on the Nintendo DS. That said version almost never made it to Europe.

In order to encourage more people, Atlus beefs the content by adding more content which is almost the size of the first game. This justifies its price. And for those who finds the first game difficult, you can definitely play an easy version of the game without affecting the story.

via ANN.

Devil Survivor 2 is coming out on May 5 in North America.

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