Crazy but Legit – Play the Wii U While Riding the Bullet Train

play the wii u while on the bullet train

Japan-oriented site Rocketnew 24 took their North American Wii U on the Bullet Train (shinkansen) and play the console as if it was a portable like the Nintendo 3DS.

Since you can play the Wii U on the controller alone, they thought that they can do it anywhere, even on a moving train as long as there is a socket.

But until we got our hands on a Wii U, we never fully appreciated just how much of a game-changer it was. We’ve played Sony PSP and Nintendo DS consoles on the go for years now, but imagine being able to take your actual home games console out on the road

And since they also wanted to play online, they did connect it to the Internet through tethering – connecting the Wii U on the iPhone and then sharing the Internet connection. According to them, the experience was an absolute breeze.

Source: RocketNews24 via My Nintendo News

More Wii U stories here on the Sun Rising blog.

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