Fatal Frame Hollywood Movie Adaptation Announced!

fatal frame hollywood movie

From the Fatal Frame presentation that just aired a bit earlier, it was announced that the video game franchise will be getting a Hollywood movie adaptation.

As details about this Hollywood tie-up are still scarce, it was also mentioned during the presentation that the movie will be produced by the producers of the Resident Evil movies.

While this Fatal Frame Hollywood movie is still on the concept stage, the Japanese Fatal Frame film from Kadokawa is now on the post-production stage. It stars Aoi Morikawa and  Ayami Nakajo. It will be released around the same time as the upcoming Wii U game, which will be out on September 27, 2014 in Japan.

4 thoughts on “Fatal Frame Hollywood Movie Adaptation Announced!

  1. This news’ headline would’ve been much more uplifting if there was no “Holywood” word in it. But hey, if there’s also the Japanese adaptation in the works, then there are some good news after all, I’ll be sure to check out the latter.


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